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Plants can transform a garden. Combining plants successfully requires knowledge about how they grow, change and look throughout the seasons and what aspect they prefer. Whether using plants for screening out an unwanted view, adding structure, focal points, height and colour or adapting a style; cottage, contemporary, jungle, Mediterranean, or wildlife friendly, their is so much choice it can be overwhelming.

As plants grow they create a three dimensional shape which may change with maturity. Many are dome, pendular, spreading and column shaped. Simplicity, seasonal interest, budget, space, aspect and maintenance must be taken into consideration when planning a planting scheme.


Adding a few new plants into a bare area of an established border or moving some plants to another space can make an enormous difference. Whether you require a new planting scheme for all your garden or a small area that needs some rejuvenation, I can advise, plan, supply and plant.


Aftercare visits, maintenance and plans are offered to ensure the best and healthiest growth of your plants.


I offer expert advice and instruction to help keep your garden looking its best. Scheduled maintenance visits, help give you an insight into what needs improving or changing; whether it be planting, hard landscaping, deck/wood preserving or pruning. Hourly maintanence time can be scheduled in for pruning, feeding and helping to develop healthy growth of your trees, plants and shrubs.


Guidance and training for you or your gardener is also offered, accompanied by a written seasonal plan.


Although I do not offer a gardening service for hedge trimming, mowing and weeding I can help you find a knowledgable local gardener that can carry this work out.

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