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If you have an overgrown, neglected or tired garden and would like to transform the space, current shrubs and plants can be revitalised to a healthy state. Adding new hard landscaping or repairing old, remodelling the space or bringing the garden up-to-date, Rachel and her team have a 'can do' attitude to bringing the garden back to life. 

  • Clearing and transforming tired abandoned spaces

  • Pruning and tree surgery of larger older shrubs and trees

  • Decision making on whether to keep plants

  • Assessments on health of the plants

  • Maximise you garden's potential

  • Site analysis on levels, hard landscaping state & tree preservation


Courtyard, large garden or patio, re-styling for improvement and usability can make an enormous difference. By introducing water, lighting, some new furnishings to link with your interior will enhance your garden's full potential without great expense.

If you’re hosting a party, wedding or an occasion I offer a garden styling service. Rental of plants (living and faux), lighting, pergolas, art, sculpture and furnishings are offered to create the perfect outdoor entertainment venue, whatever the size. I also have connections with  unique catering businesses, makeup artists and stylists that we can put you in touch with. If you are creating a theme we will endeavour to dress your garden and create an extra special space for you and your guests.


Growing your own food can be challenging, but very rewarding. More and more of us are becoming aware and concerned about food miles and life style choices. Although growing veg and fruit does require knowledge and effort, the rewards are worth it. Guidance, establishment and implementation of a veg patch, large or small, are all services I offer. Greenhouse care, sowing, potting on, veg care, pest and disease treatment, what to grow and when are available in one off hourly lessons in your garden, or continuous guidance throughout the year.

Rachel Goozee Petal Graphic
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